In-Store Retail

Portland Bee Balm is an honest, high quality product presented in beautiful wooden packaging and displays.

We deliver a delightful experience to our customers and wholesale Portland Bee Balm to our retailers at a fair price to make sure this experience is accessible to everyone.

We guarantee your satisfaction as a retail partner just as we guarantee our product to our customers.

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Our Displays

Each display is carefully cut, sanded, assembled and finished in our Portland wood shop. We used sustainable sourced, local Oregon Douglas fir and non toxic water based finishes. We put a tremendous amount of time into the design and manufacture our displays, and offer them to our retailer at no cost with their opening order. We build three unique designs that allow stores to use their space most efficiently.


This is display is our most popular and our most versatile. It is designed with a small foot as we know counter space near the register is extremely valuable. It is also short enough(6.25″tall) to fit on most shelves.


Horizontal: Stick-On

These Horizontal displays come with doubled sided, foam adhesive tape on their back. They will permanently adhere to to any surface(3″tall X 17.25″ long) and allow our product to be displayed and sold where nothing else would fit. They enable stores to create more retail space in some of their most valuable locations. The design also showcases our unique wooden labels as all the balms are visible, standing in their individual holes.

Horizontal: Clamp-On

This is our most specialized display. It was designed in collaboration with grocery store buyers and owners. The thumb screws in the display allow it to clamp on to the top of any wall that is between .5″ and 1.13″ wide. It has been most effective attached to the short wall on the far side of the register conveyor belt, just above where the divider bars sit. The thumb screw clamps allow for easy, no tool installation and removal for cleaning or front end remodels.

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