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Ready, set, melt!

With our easy-to-use Refill Kit, you can turn your stove into a bonafide balm dispenser AND help reduce plastic waste! The kit includes a labware flask of solidified balm (enough for 20 refills), tongs, wire grate, and funnel - everything you need to start cooking up your own PBB refills. Boil some water, melt the balm, pour it into your tube, let it cool, and...viola! Your tube is reborn, keeping it out of landfills and back in your pocket, ready to go with you on all of your adventures.

Return your flask to PBB for an affordable refill. Setup a refill order here


1. Place metal grate in the center of a saucepan.
2. Fill the saucepan with water to match the level of balm in the flask.
3. Remove the cork from the flask, then place the flask in the middle of the grate.
4. Turn stove to medium heat and bring water to a boil.
5. Simmer until balm in the flask liquefies.
6. Roll the wheel on your lip balm tube all the way back down to the bottom (counterclockwise), then set your empty balm tube upright on a plate (to catch any drips), placing metal funnel into the top of the tube.
7. Remove flask of balm from pan by gripping the top with metal tongs.
8. Position over the metal funnel and slowly start to pour balm into the empty tube. Careful not to overfill it.
9. Once the tube is filled, pull out the funnel.
10. Although the balm generally solidifies within 15 minutes, let it sit for an hour for best quality!
11. Re-cork your flask and store it for next time (refrigerate to extend shelf life).
12. Enjoy!




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