The Inspiration & Creation of Our Solar Eclipse Balm


“Sure,” we thought, “we’ll develop a SPF lip balm!

How hard can it be?”

  Brad Swift, Founder



Give it a Name

Early in the summer of 2017, with product development in full swing, we began considering names for our new product. At the time, Oregon was expecting a million people to come see the total eclipse of the sun. Oregonians were excited and the topic dominated local conversation. It was only natural then that our new sun blocking formula be named Solar Eclipse. The plan was to finish off development over the summer and debut our newest lip balm on the day of the eclipse, August, 21 2017.

Purity + Process = More time than you think

Out of all the options, we settled on a mineral based sunscreen which uses physical mineral barriers to literally reflect light away from your skin. To keep our promise of pure and simple ingredients, and since there would be so few total ingredients (just four total), we wanted to get each one just right.


Our plan was to simply add the sun blocking minerals to our unscented lip balm base and be done the next day. But, as it turns out, once we started mixing the ingredients together things got a lot more complicated.  


The tiny mineral particles responsible for protecting your skin actually prevented the wax from creating a strong bond to itself. This lead to a ton of problems not the least of which was a very crumbly formula that was near impossible to apply. It turns out great products take time to create.

Worth the Wait

As we pursued perfection many deadlines were missed, most notably the namesake solar eclipse. Summer turned to fall turned winter and all the while we refined and experimented until eventually, nearly a year later we got the formula right. Phew. That was easy!  

Today we proudly introduce our simple, natural, unscented SPF 15 formula. We’ve added 8% non-nano zinc oxide to provide mineral based sunscreen protection and labored over making sure it feels right going on. Tell us what you think! 



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